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When compared to taxpayer subsidized public golf courses, private golf courses are usually more expensive. And as a consequence, they attract more golfers.

Which is great for the game. And when you think about it, great for private golf courses.

Private golf courses will not have the wear from the foot traffic or the cart traffic. Private golf courses will not have the ballmarks on the greens nor the bare divots out of the fairways. So the course conditions will be better on a private course.

Private golf courses are normally professionally designed, which makes the experience more enjoyable. And because play is uncrowded, it is normally faster at a private course. And the people playing the private course will be aware of the value of their time.

Some people will always want a better experience out of life and are willing to pay for it. Private golf exists to serve these people.

Our golf course offers a well-manicured golf course designed by a nationally recognized golf architect. A member can walk on the course at any time; no wait. A member can play as much or as little as he or she like; all holes route back to the clubhouse.

Finally our golf course has a full service practice range. A launch monitor is available for member use. Instruction from a PGA professional is available on request.

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